New Orleans Pubcon 2013 – (my angle on it part 1)

Get Locally Grown at Pubcon New Orleans 2013I arrived back in San Diego already over a month ago from Pubcon New Orleans and slammed back into all of my ongoing projects that I am trying to push out the door (in a good way!) I have to say that it was totally inspiring and I met (and heard) some really smart people.

It was really great to connect with some people who I have been reading online for a long time. This is the first installment of several ramblings – so I will get to some of the specific names later on in this series. I think the biggest thing that I noticed is that the SEO community is going through an identity crisis. (Those of you who know me know that I can relate to that.) For years it was all about the numbers game. More was … well … more. More links, more keywords, more pages … more everything. Some very creative people emerged who could reverse engineer Google’s algorithms to produce great rankings placement for themselves and their clients. The downside of all of this was that they were creating mounds of junk content (and lots of it) only for Google. Of course now that Google is penalizing people for emphasizing quantity over quality that game doesn’t play out as well anymore (not saying it is dead – far from it.) The truth though is that part of a good “Search Engine Optimization” plan really is Public Relations and Marketing. And that involves a different kind of creativity.

It involves finding different strategies to get people to your site.  A strong part of this, of course, is strong content.  But also a real part of “SEO” isn’t coding.  It doesn’t even (directly)involve computers.  It is businesses really getting involved in their communities, their  churches, their families, their associations – to build connections that sometimes will lead to traffic being pointed to a website.   I emphasize the word “sometimes” because not getting a site visit, a news story or someone to link to your site should not be viewed as the endgame – just a nice perk of being more involved with your community.


The Cloud

The Cloud - Data Storage

Sustainable Internet has a ways to go.

Ahhhh … how nice it is to store all of our data in “the cloud” (and it sounds so nice to say instead of massive power hungry server farms.) I do the best I can to try to support a sustainable internet (and I prefer vendors that are at least making an effort) but I still know that the stuff I have up there has a fairly heavy carbon footprint. I think am going to start saying “the Smoke” instead of “the Cloud”


Well I have been sort of skulking around here for awhile not sure if this was a professional site, a personal site or what.  So I have decided to sort of make it official and say “hello” and welcome to my “sort of personal – sort of professional” site.  The focus here is on Internet stuff that I am interested in – which right now includes WordPress and web marketing.   This is where I can ramble about stuff that I think is good (or lame) and not worry about keeping up appearances too much.  (I will be using my indoor voice on my site.)  This will also be a place where I am not afraid to sound stupid.  Right now I am working through my thoughts right here in real time.  I will probably be wrong about a lot of stuff – but that is how I keep learning (and sort of what you have to do when you are working with a moving target.)

So anyway – welcome and let’s get this thing rejiggered.